About Us

Dig Down Deep™ is a private practice in marriage, family, and child counseling that facilitates individuals, couples, families, groups, and teams.

Kirby Maus MC, LMFT, MBA

If you feel stressed personally, relationally, or professionally - and want or need support through a particular phase or stage of your life - I can probably relate to you, and help you identify your core issues, which is a catalyst for change.

Clinical Assessment

I provide a thorough biological, psychological, sociological, spiritual assessment and consultation. My studio is a comfortable, supportive, and confidential setting that allows you to share, gain insight and awareness, and collaborate on a treatment plan that helps you change your life.




Online Counseling

I provide online video counseling through a HIPAA compliant, secure, safe, and simple internet portal. If an online session is more convenient for you, please pay the fee, and I will promptly schedule an appointment with you, and email you the link.


"A fist pump is an invigorating phenomenon after "X"​ tapped into C (coping skill), which helped "X"​ manage B (block), which allowed "X"​ to obtain A (accomplishment). "X"​ must adapt, improvise, and overcome episodes of adversity, conflict, and turmoil by mentally, emotionally, and physically tapping into an innate ability to survive, and even thrive. Athletes must dig down deep in the heat of competition to win; People must dig down deep in the game of life to succeed. The deeper we dig, the higher we soar."​ - Kirby Maus

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